Designated smoking area turned into praying area for women at Karachi airport

(GLOBALink) Thanks to the efforts of the partners working against the epidemic of tobacco in Pakistan, particularly those who raised their voices against the Designated Smoking Areas, the authorities have turned a Designated Smoking Area into a Mosque (Praying Area) for Women at Karachi airport. Congratulations to all and lets join hands to move on to fight for the implementation of smoke-free policies. Under the national tobacco control legislation, there is no room for any designated smoking area in the country.

Best regards

Shahzad Alam Khan
NPO Tobacco Control


You're going to give

You're going to give us a hint by the way watch Master Chef tonight at eight o'clock on Fox mom I know what channel is where you live but and then join us Friday you got you get this shit BIDU last weskit’s going to happen is we going to give Xavier I think it's going to be completely different alright if you watch the previews on the you tubes yes slash box yes things are looking good for tonight and wake team win is a win any person Insanity I but we all the what we do know that they try to deceive you they do tried this yet I'm here maybe you're trying to deceive us to I cant we don't actually know anything that you have not seen before so it's .
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Splits actually help me out everything else in my life about three years ago I discovered web site called audible dot com and what it is they don’t like audio books online the reason why found at websites.

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and take is that Woods lot sister with atop less to me is perfect in the world to competitive bodybuilder men's bodies and well beyond the limits of what nature intended and consume yourself sculptures I still magnet to young men between incredibly an estimated five percent to British man under the age of 30 have Houston's it seems to me that this preoccupation with male body image and the Associated problem of Syracuse is notional go away anytime soon I don't see any trend is going to arrests this phenomenon over the next decade or two the %uh need of Blackline Elite steroids all you need todo is hard work with everybody else for got to do. what to do hard work when I won't miss the US said I want mister America never took once terror wasn't a live tree for mister universe I was a key it that I finally to shower right now with children TD for Steve my he lick on American champion the explosion in steroid usage is part of a very modern problem here we go we've got truck generation for the day you going good teachers have problem issue a drug shown on TV what you see drug for this drug for a game just law struck for fat drug for losing waked up the diarrhea participation as a truck for everything this is what the kids okay this generation drugs now tickets seventy eight-years-oldwatch have muscles what you do trucks because this is what we talk and we are not right unraveling chase slowdown wait a minute maybe the appeals answer and maybe that now is not the same other taking some time back to the old ways of.


show you as many cases %uh alcohol induced rage as you will see in the United States in fifty years from anabolic steroids Roy rages in the only side effect under debate people take steroids men and women because it works but it comes at a price the price perhaps life itself professional bodybuilder Steve Machala was once mister USA and mister America and mister universe he was also ado about steroid.

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the you so on for exercise for to what can I say okay gets everything he did in look at it still apart from last time we joined a gym we don't go the gym way do you think that we're going to put this together actions as if it's right here in the house you don’t have to go anywhere stuff that you did my relationship with my dad as then.

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as only thing you don't it to me it doesn't know yeah meaning how to get the catalyst this guy get the Celts year you know same donate a dollar bill sassy he did from that is your bed cheap use at levels that yeah your days going to be a

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Video the recorded and the in this video it's a it's on like his top 10 favorite books in about the early like nine minutes into the video he for no reason he says I'll let me give an example to others applies is treating you ditching nowadays you've got these guys that are you know talking about functional movement patterns and multiple direction patterns and they’ve never gotten anyone stronger be they've never gotten a are a was.

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out of 100 in twelve thousand ninety days it to my mind and Waterloo my mind a call on the walkout sears is be the man you want to be not the one other fish to see and I'm starting to feel that way select me that he counsels you that messages of set the.

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gets all the big new gets all its not that’s not the most special ed look I wish we could go to jail where we could take the laptop stream lap workouts will love me sleuth his people just like eightpoint you still many here might yeah the fuck you think this is this is what you call it damn cool yeah mixed on the court in his biggest full menu to Jenna here no I ask is mixed up not employ it receded users swit.

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Is in colors are in the morning signalman hungry Connell wrestled with local mail without question machines she's awesome you've as she keeps us she keeps us nothing in this will make minimum happier than me saying hey problem with the mail have everybody six-years-old together tears there's a real story there the people around this table both male and female represent some of the finest bodybuilding of acute competitors newarknew jersey area victor Martinez is here still recovering from a broken arm Jonathan dole Rosa and marker river apart two of the fastest rising stars in body fluids there's one cargo into charlotte's are making waves in figure in bikini and all of this is overseen by William hostile roaster Jon’s father and that was himself a long-time amateur bodybuilder together they make up an extended family of sorts a.

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and like a military boot camp assist always been a goal of mine to be able to test myself do some more I like it’s important that you test yourself let's do it have you for me here I've always wondered what it would feel like to be under 200 pounds to accomplish that would be amazing under coach at it Achilles out for you so let's find out exactly how much we right now okay hi guys change clothes see a beckon the CSK

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I haven't stepped on the scale hand a very long time the number I'm ask all means more to me than just number and means me giving up my dreams it means all the heartache that I've had in the past and now and I think that's why I've be entraining here for so long this is truly where we get that first number they really.

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it more thanyou would do it for you can sort out what are two day even and up to four days a week 5k whateveryou by felt comfortable lead I Big Ten okay school program doing you're not gonnaget disillusioned by the Prophet take a while to build a routine soyou're not gonna get solution you're not gonna be like oh my god this is so difficult I can't do that because you clearly did deprive just our change your lifestyle in a 360 way okay number three it pretty alright but

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I like to say that all the time do not a gallon way your style cleave Doll away are thought to mark heweight loss is my biggest pet peeve are people talking about weight loss when they where everyday don't do thatunless you pay going to want to be disappointed forexample yesterday at the jam I Costco for my workout I we 229 have I break my heart after my workoutbut I drank like a whole 64 ounces of water I weighed 132 poundsbut for that matter how are you we can fluctuate depending on what you can hold onto waterway this is really counterproductive to keepweighing yourself go out the mirror.

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and fitness shop it's very easy to get prepared again this Isa really outstanding season for vegetarians because it can be used in place I have certain various meals items now tofu itself is still an outstanding source of necessary proteins but it's not quite as outstanding as a source of necessary proteins and there are some Slimgenix Pro individuals who have issues when they eat too much so I E so if you're vegetable Ngwee a lot of tofu and really rely on feet is for the necessary proteins diet strategy then.

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Relationship and eventually have children and settled and Kilmarnock much for now hole Joanne is time is devoted to bodybuilding the industry is poorly funded you get alternative source Hancock ok humans on members on the website 400 members p twenty-five dollars a month to entering Noah webcam people remember them hi it to you see me and talk to me and pose for them my mom 10 weeks out from my Shone ok up little bit more to go yet I thank you very much ok my rather she didn't want to be also goat rather she didn't have a website that covered chip or spectrum sheehan'sbook I'm but changing needs she demanded real no going to make money on the books in sec salesman up with only six weeks to go before the G&Pquang Angelina ok somebody in it to win it baby week you spring helping your dream and keeping them motivated.

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off and that's one of the reasons why I hearths from so many people and if it starts in the s k an early forties so many friend of mine early for you don't know what happened on the phone I just started gaining weight my stomach and I'm done nothing different I'm change what I eat I haven't changed my exercise try drank and I'm still starting to store fat in the stomach region and its related to certain hormones are related to certain belly fat hormones and adiponectin is one of those hormones so there's a couple of factors kind going on all at the same time these are things that we need to beware of before you can effectively target why you're gaining weight and the midsection I'm also want to point out that when we’re losing weight me to focus on fat cells so we want to preserve the mouth muscle that we.

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I love to bring the family and because the family is such an incredible support group they can ensure the success for the transformation because nobody can do it along chill important that your family shares with you how much you mean to them and how much they support you Choice 9000 Caralluma on this journey running you 1 starter grams tearing her with a tardy have you not been able see these two girls grow up I want you to succeed in this opportunity so you can move your life to its borders as your sister my wish for you is to love yourself inside and out I think you'll show everyone what beautiful person each earlier there are people who hire me that if I take a step .

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concentration or how often you know that you use it every single day that makes a difference it's that use it consistently so if you can use the 0 0.02 consistently over the 0.1 a lower than 0.05 the by all means do it has it has like ninety-five percent the same efficacy as using higher concentration I went with this because this is half up what I had used before so I thought should be able to do that I'll when I the days I use this and this cut you normally use those two days a week the next day my skin does for all day so I'm sure that know maybe I'll maybe if there's a break in period when get used to it won't hurt as much I hope on so I'm going to keep going with this in this but if this gets to be too much when I’m approaching like five days a week or something I have no problem going back to my dermatologist and saying they write me another prescription for the zero-point 02 going adding that filled and starting with that it's going to be almost as good and you know like I say what's wrong with the face on fire all day not be on the last thing that I do at night because your lips to dry out during the night as I buy are up for sleep I'm when I crawl in bed with my book and I have been using lately the rosebud self on this is basically like a petroleum jelly a prop and this has such nice n its it's

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like a rose hips or something cell as you can see I use a lot of this so I just lattice all over my lips at night and it keeps them from losing too much moisture night so I'll that is my skin care routine and all of my all my advice on you know how to pick these products sorry this time not apologizing you know what it's important information I hope this was helpful to you and as always thanks for watching and take care about everybody so today's video as you can tell title is going to be my updated skincare routine slash how I cleared up my skin before I jump.

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moderate informations for better we haveI found it interesting that you said that hours a high information because I have always since day 1 of training for 24 yearsgotten very sore from almost every single work on it doneright and I was attributed that to while I know how to train and I'm intense andtraining and then I'll meet a guy with a greatphysique it is I can only get sore yeah and I'm decide on even I don'tunderstand how he doesn't get star like Renault a quite often said he doesn'tget sore yeah an all-terrain quads and I will beout of luck some for a couple days yeah and now I understand that thatsenate information related yeah and so .

let's let's stop itsnot like

let's let's stop itsnot like you have to be fast training to lose weight absolutely do not but is something theycan speak so you have to see everybody does um cutting and so is asking if if Cartywas necessary for weight loss that's a good question about peoplewonder about that yes I fastened I'm in the answer is No Korea's notnecessary for weight loss in exercise Nissar weight loss but it depends what shapeyou're in if you have a lot of weight to lose you can leaves a very much to die alone because your body is willing to justdon't fat basically it's very easy use by yourself deficitand that's it use way but they're remember that yourmetabolism slowdown as went your body's deficit so they're is a point where exercise .

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xercise regimen several audio guy sinners have a direct entry a beneficial effect on your host let's show you the way lackline Eliteto a long and happy life unfettered by heart problems your heart is an amazing organ the continuously pumped oxygen and ..


cetera all have a direct and det

cetera all have a direct and detrimental effect on our hearts and the result a slightly dysfunctional hard as we all know is life-threatening to keep my heart's helping and ensure a trouble-free unrestriBlackline Elitected long lifestyle we need to maintain not just a strict and balanced diet but also combine it with the right kind of e...

Wrongly feel comes just after

Wrongly feel comes just after for fish sostartling piano contraction 3 or 4 cents to 10 peak get PDF 304 sent and obviously when you can go up inresistance when I you then is just click hands over so Isame this time graphic the the link over soon my hands Sep time Blackline Elite he said from me Greg you know people technical beso face basic same repeat the action here action 30 best 10 again this way just because he's the nicest in aslightly different way so always hands p okay that's what I do for the stretchy .

The Committee on bought

The Committee on bought the head carrying on yes tougher think you are arrested thirty there is a time to be happy again them there's a chance if anyone got a Weller I don't live in a lot stuff from this country are IRS cabana good thing like they did haven the water lower that's a big deal stars like committed to making this content with that its and stuff like I it off if you come across as such and found that the just a gray area say yeah I will next time I'lllol and then the common in three months time Minister sees that same situation is tough times I spouse Mitterrand charged all we can do is try and got them Courtney might've been on wise to trust the word at the man she’s been sleeping with that she could find out the hard way if you test positive.

Cashed ski male partner a paper

Cashed ski male partner a paper that cuts around 13percent if you have a sucks money when that happens at such acts musical styles his cheeks yeah yes %uh chief inject home enough to shut me don't do anything I yeah Courtney will provide a self takenvaginal swab and have her blood taken these will be tested for Chlamydia gonorrhea page Ivey and syphilis even without symptoms is possible she could have any of theseSTI's hi Lou has an incubation period I'm committee hearing on MLK to basic let it can take months series but the fact that so casually affects for day with it fore day so far days ago you might want to get the screen wife at180 K and also to you never used faction no when I can is there any reason why are just hit the moment thing no cash love with a contraceptive publisher of the not get admin but not with that yes we do advise that you do use condoms outhouse trine to dad and yes Taft down there comment okay I think ingoing to crash right now okay then thanks a lot call right thigh I previous owner.

weight loss bateris terian 66

I'm going to do this in several parts because there’s lot of stuff to talk about with carbohydrates and a lot of people are confused about it so I'm going to try n I'm nonnative me a little bit a science here but I'm going to try and make it as palatable and sweet as possible carbohydrates now carbohydrates first ball I'm asleep in the house if you're going to build a house you got the building materials right which would be in this case protein you got then the energy or the workers to build the house and your first lineup.

weight loss baterisn 56

I chg. injections and I'm also try: %uh the HCG homeopathic drops what do all these diet plans have in common each and every time anyone a bus goes on anyone in these plans we are all happiness see me thing one question just tell me what to do just tell me what to do and I'll do it are due on.

muscle building polaret

I need to make sure they say pin-up which is really only about five hours aright four to five hours qualified typically I trained really really way to avoid the crowds II don't go by any set schedule and I don’t train on a specific body part schedules I just train specifically how my body tells me that Indeed to do so if I'm scheduled to be back for chests about a certain day I am I switching delay sometimes I go body parts differently itkinda go by CEOs I'm really sore I'll take a day off I don't have a set day of schedule like most people take .

weight loss baterisn

Charest note that people to eat on average more calories than we do 2600 character a day but they're very active a walk what in the eating rice vegetables little bit sufficiency well the point is if those same individuals come to united states or we send our diet there's we've done in some areas like Malaysia made up their tech guess what happens because just as fast six-week same conditions connection at stuff it's not psychological its biologic okay well that should are you aware that they can now refined sugar down into Lake little cubes you seen those that slick a 100 percent pure sucrose European Arrest I think it's really cool they get this bucket a sugar-free no cost you could just have as much as you want not ever going to say .


I just talked about so you should be able to you see some of the similarities here through this here is the same introduced in cigarettes that it is very nice and this is a muscle sales status to the action financial confidence is represented by the reading of the neighboring accusation comes in this cause little bottles of silicone means formed acetylcholine still into this interactive class and find two receptors on the muscle sounded very Winnie Silverman finds monthly sales back to the receptors muscle cell membrane this will cost seventy rushing to sell which is also known Cindy polarization when civilians residents to see how this will help the action potential to reform the muscle cell which we can see visitrandy other muscle cells so now I’m not so say I don't have knowledge that it.


you taking worse your Sera to sodomy a new still cut it on doing this so what you doing you doing since ha-ha the static contraction people Ricky probably learning from previous train with Kai episodes news not to make the same mistake that others have made anti ops for using a lighter weight in order to pay attention to kais coaching at the little details it's a smart move as you will see because Kaiser adjustments will stress Ricky in ways he had never known possible 8 this is William I should be way here now Thomason’s waffles told his wife holes a lovable school hole.


Sarah’s and the muscle fibers contacted her someone in our hands the action potential confidence in the sense and this will cause the accidental cannot actually jump over the clip to get into the muscle fiber intelmuscle fiber picked it up but uh... come on so we're going to have a look at celiac some potential isn't coming in and it's going to cost secretary vesicles secretary vesicles astral Cali to form so let me give you the selling of acetylcholine Asia probably eight c team why enrollment c_d_h_ overhead idea kid .


I mean most people going to buy a protein powder me know multivitamin may might you know something they might launch into pre workouts and a branched-chain amino us in and of course number one fat burner a new trial we now but I you know I don't suggest using aft-burning year-round pre workouts and protein yeah of course you know you can use those year-round you know your time in three or four products something its necessities something and I think it's says and it's you know if you want to do things right you have the brand so you have to try to find it ways to budget be able to that extra stuff in there's nothing better than chicken on the grill 10 ounces chicken I grew up on a farm so I mean I knew food values found early we were never allowed to eat very poorly and I was in Massachusetts oh the meat.

ahli kunci surabaya

every possible step to make people aware about the negative effects of smoking. Therefore we have found that in Karachi the Designated Smoking Areas are turned into a Mosque (Praying Area) for Women. Definitely it is a wise decision by the government ahli kunci surabaya pakar kunci surabaya pakar kunci surabaya managable altough I am not working there anymore.. Excuse me for my english and best wishes from germany!

Ahli Kunci di Surabaya

Ahli Kunci di Surabaya Membuka Layanan domestik dan ahli kunci surabaya pakar kunci surabaya pakar kunci surabaya
komersial di Surabaya dan Sekitarnya,Kami membuka layanan yang aman dan Juga Profesional


Nice Post frndzZz
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islami wazaif

every possible step to make

every possible step to make people aware about the negative effects of smoking. Therefore we have found that in Karachi the Designated Smoking Areas are turned into a Mosque (Praying Area) for Women. Definitely it is a wise decision by the government ahli kunci surabaya pakar kunci surabaya pakar kunci surabaya managable altough I am not working there anymore.. Excuse me for my english and best wishes from germany!


You're training your brain for the next time you're like that of my was just thinking about lifting weights my muscles are getting bigger doesn’t work that way unfortunately but what you're doing is you're working on your brain you're making those connections the more you make those connections whether you're actually doing it or not the mourners connections get solid amazing just visualizing a speaking engagement a call with a client whatever it might be even family time when you really wanting to be mentally focused with your family you can visualize that you can practice their that when you're in the moment you can actually do it better the second element is going to be flexibility training in our ability to not lose focus on the negative not always be in survival mode but instead see things from a different .


Nice Post frndzZz
other naats post
islami wazaif


Holy Grail to grant is peace scale we lost heart no one knows more than me how hard it is however it's not impossible you just need to understand this secrets weight loss and today you're going to get the secret the secret to weight loss misunderstanding the science of weight loss understanding the science have been naturally thin person the side of the National Youth in personas about biology it's about burning bad the down component burning machine it's about your brain it's also about bouncing a path producing hormone called cortical fat burning machines step 1: we need to get you to your goal going to turn you into fat burning machine the number-one self-diagnosis that I comment counter with almost every single day is I'll give you a hint .

Total risk free safe cream

Despite everything, that story as that touches on Vitalie Skincare is a parable of sorts. Aside from that, you're probably wondering what that has to do with Vitalie Skincare. You can't go nowhere being as difficult as they are. I've met a lot of weak pros along the way.


The finding has been that this cannot be done or doesn't seem to be able to be done by the whole of the brain there is a specific brain region that he’s able to acquire the knowledge of two coffee patterns %uh love the return system of given language and perhaps the greatest discovery he has been the incredible people use ability of these visual word form area I'm this is where it's located this is actually my brain I'm you might recognize the absence of hair and a from well that's the scary accurate seen by Transparency 3d on the ventral side of the brain and the bottom of the brain it in .

Girls like your body use it

I'm not. With so little choice, they could charge outrageously for Somatodrol. This is not an option with Somatodrol because you think that
beginners will look at you more.

I saw their likenesses athlete

You might do that the upper end at around eighty carbohydrates if you know your yourfoot I'm you might look at more like carbohydrates now let's say the someone's eating roughly on average anywhere between five hundred grams Plaza crabs a day we recommend that individual to stop right away and just start the next day and Alito Diane or maybe Slimera Garcinia Cambogia slowly wean off the crabs andkinda slowly go into the keel Janet diet you know it there’s a lot of variables such a great questions a lot of variables that go into that so one other variables it’s are a longdistance athlete I saw their likenesses athlete we would certainly want to wean them arm or entity Kato sister also see dramatic I dips in their performance so that would be one variable that would one illness want to wean down on however if you're if you're just the average individual there like me are hard working professional.

You just attach yourself

You just attach yourself into surgery treatment more occur any worry no its wind law when I got at home the four remaining at the accommodation food and own part of a loaded with but allAmerican 1285 muscle moments every individual day went on of the Buddha in low of course are just ate whatever mean whatever was available films still have all these pressure going and I know you have to understand how to do with them but sometimes I encounter puzzled and When it came down to it was understood Tristan


you can see that happened here scholar pastor where myosin head behind on t action's training who'll reactants n towards the end this will shorten it bazaar here ammunition in just a second innovation that there's no problem hopefully help things that will make it easier to see but remember that the idea of making the buffalo it was shortened the muscle and it was shortened muscle data muscle plumb we will have movement cicadas myosin head all aren't always as didn’t do anything within the government for the importer singer storm here this fall obviously ha-ha Sorensen here .


I energy or workers would be coming from carbohydrates your second would be coming from fat this is like having the boys out on the curb are waiting for waiting for a so somewhat to come up so stored fat is actually stored energy but we're going to be talking about carbohydrates now remember when you talk about carbohydrates you’re talking about basically there's only three things carbohydrate protein and fat this is how the body is made and this is how we move around so that's just the way it is but when you when you’re talking about protein you've heard owns the common .

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