Designated smoking area turned into praying area for women at Karachi airport

(GLOBALink) Thanks to the efforts of the partners working against the epidemic of tobacco in Pakistan, particularly those who raised their voices against the Designated Smoking Areas, the authorities have turned a Designated Smoking Area into a Mosque (Praying Area) for Women at Karachi airport. Congratulations to all and lets join hands to move on to fight for the implementation of smoke-free policies. Under the national tobacco control legislation, there is no room for any designated smoking area in the country.

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Shahzad Alam Khan
NPO Tobacco Control



UV B leads to taking up the skin member mentions skin thickness as being important in protection and a youth EP 10 thickens the outer parts the skin the stratum cornea its three times more protective compared with UV a town and people go on the Sun that to get their base before holidays but then they go on holidays they fry in the Sun because they think they’re protected but they're not Hoffa’s protected forth level of color that they have as they expect so it's much less protective 10 compared with the 10 which increases up the stratum cornea as well now the other thing.

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I love yet our lives in her really what is up to now some a generous interviewed him a few years ago I and went saying and because side of his face that thebe irradiated was paralyzed because it the dose of radiation I'm and he has been able to move the skin on that side of his face is so many years that's what his face looks like it was pretty much to tell you that the day that this accident occurred when first when I first read this I was like Merkel QS aging I'm yet paralyze faces probably not America her computer fair aging but there you go so he looks like you did nineteen years ago on one side of his face I'm so you can actually put your head in the maxilla and survive it and he's not the only one to have done it in the days ago craft and most in 10 first developing particle accelerators I didn't know about .

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I gave youth beginning is that lifestyle can affect the chemistry the right so what lifestyle things do you know that could bless a person that has depression exercise number what nutrition that good one here right up my alley I about nutrition can help someone is depressed they need the more you study the brain and the nervous system the more persuaded you are that you don't not want to be on a completely oil free diet because that myelin sheath that insulates that protection earners that is composed a fatty acids and if you are not using them your body cannot synthesize them and you are going to end up in a world of hurt you need a hundred years ago and I've long-winded the thing was eat a wide variety of and refined foods in sufficient quantities to maintain your ideal weight .

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Kayo know about cabbage and broccoli and a ruse a lot but all those cabbage family vegetables that have that fell for bite you know that case kind like mustard are they actually increase the activity of detoxification enzymes in the body so the more though as you get an the better and I think the other thing that's good to think about in terms love plant foods and vegetables for example is environmental stress actually makes the plant put more on these protective chemicals into the plant it's the plants way of trying to protect itself so if you think about if you've ever had room Goa you know from the farmers market that has like little noble sounded from that insects .


I just want to put it out there her I'm not advocating to eat PCs oh my god but just so you know that there's other level for this but let's go back to fermented food I should never even talked about that I am for the way you can get anaerobic microbes and your body the side who way is through food because food as particles where the bacteria can go in weather isn't oxygen deep inside these food particles now there's not very much former eating fermented foods are not getting big doses left her why this has to be kind.


I'm rapidly divide and turnover and therefore have a high nutritional demand so I'll highlight a couple things where you can see on problems with Frank deficiencies so a person as vitamin A deficient and I mean severe you will have them complaining have dry eyes scaling skin and hyper karee thesis which have a picture appear I'm now and there's a comments on a bumpy thing behind people's arms that a is call karee to South Pole RSN and you know it's nothing serious but omit is thought that that it may be due to essential fatty acid and vitamin A deficiency so don't go out and just go buy some vitamin E and take vitamin A we're going to talk about food and so I'm coming back to the list here though other things I want to point out vitamin .


I’m it sells says cells in all tissue live longer really is in all tissue live longer if information is minima land cellular energy is plentiful it's really about energy supply managing inflammation and has it says an item being guess what depleted cellular energy the quickest it turns out to be in many cases the inflammatory process itself the yes mind if I sit down that okay so when you think about information your you're familiar with some if you had a good idea what perhaps what the physiology information tales were home a alone and someone you don't like I Justin yet though you're jealous you like to come up and do that anyway when you scan your name I'm a pretty quickly it turns red around the place that stand and probably the next day or even redder.


RT television and as a question about walkway should surgical practice best be structured and professor bro is person who would be an important voice and in that division aren't so that's new and that's really about sure incompetence 0 what does that mean as I dropped second part to a close really what it means in this item may bearish light bush still trying to make the point that farms is a medicine information experts as doctor Bradley said in our inaugural address on Monday when you think about medicines you should think about pharmacist hard part farms as caregiver I said a lot about medicines and me interest is maybe just for assort hands within the room how many people with in this room attending.

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We waiting to see somebody else come up with the idea which may not even be as good as the idea we originally had we say isn't that person intelligent look at wonderful idea they've come up with well many of us think that our creativity is limited by our IQ their creativity is limited by the years education we had or the grades that we got in school that somehow creativity is something that only scientists and artists and musicians and painters

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I T in the world's a writing system it turns out that it's exactly the same regularity as in natural images if you count junctions in natural images you would find the same sort of like you know it you that not changes you with the sky being incurred short systems to this story here seems to be that our brain after first adapted to the statistics of natural images I those who genetic evolution of school learning and as a consequence of the hot a writing systems have evolved and happens on the of course probably not intentionally but pork recipe they have internalize these regularities to that more often than not we put these highly frequent junctions over nineteen our writing systems so here is at least one Costco July good idea many others of course like.

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She imagined are so embedded in her subconscious that there’s a party for that actually believe she died there's a part she wept winter period came because she wasn't pregnant and these guys had not touched her butt back image was shown real that when she finally got into counseling the thing they had to deal with what she thought it happened the human mind is incredibly powerful the problem with PTSD is you cannot fixit you as a layperson cannot fix it for somebody else they need it to be seen by professional so that someone who is trained can watch them tell their story and can watch how their body responds to be able to know how to help them on I had PTSD back in the early 80s my husband and I were sitting on the sofa when evening almost two years after the event and I'm back at work I'm functioning I’m doing really well I mean on the upside I was a woman who had it together and I never watched anything that could remotely trigger my PTSD cut I wasn't going to go down that road so we're watching a totally family show and something totally innocuous came on like probably a bounty commercial and all the sudden I was in a full-blown panic mode so traumatized I couldn't be and its first time has been a thing like that he said that fit he said I don't know who you need to see bodies as you will have an appointment tomorrow my commitment to you is I will find someone I will have it for you tomorrow praise God he did because the mudslide illustration I gave you when you try to fix PTSD yourself or when you try to go after a panic whether the panic scenarios which we will discuss more next week if like to the homemaker out there with their broom and dustpan trying to clean up this mess like everyplace you put the mudslide you trigger news live I was China to hold it together and be professional and do the things I was trying to do and I needed near the logo I was I had an important job at the hospital I needed to have it together the harder I struggle to hold it together the Marvel part and it will be this way in everyone with PTSD I'll what works with PTSD effective therapy where .

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I native Americans that live in the Colorado mountains when they were coming to California Coast walking to the California coast to trade their stuff for our seashell the only food they took with them with Chiai seeds because they knew they could be sustained the Aztec warriors in down in South America when the Spanish guy here we're fine they didn't understand these people because they can fight for me getting dark and they never quit because their chief even apart well during the day they would eat the Rochester it all by themselves and a new it a great source of protein and had these essential fatty acids that sustain them and to keep them going so that my pitch on that .

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Africa it's calledQuashie or core where that child does not guess enough protein and the skin falls apart its even stops be able to produce melon which requires Mellon is the pigment in the skin and that requires protein for it to be pretty produced effectively and then look at this poor unfortunate man with leprosy you take one glance at that skinny and you take horror because again the human brain makes perfect sense split-second decisions on how people look and judges them now if you think if your reaction to my rather horrible photographs here you probably have a admixture of horror and sympathy and actually if you just think if your reactions that's why patients who have visible skin diseases feel terrible about themselves because they are waiting for everyone they meet to make splits second decisions about them as non healthy human beings so now after that introduction .


I put Rocky ft in water one party if they'd 9 part water and let it sit for 30 minutes and it will make it's a very loose in jail you can use it salad dressing you cause it as an oil replaced her in your baked goods I have made muffins with that I have made the Look bread with it and it was amazing I me up wit for the classes I tied in Auburn I brought a loaf that was made with olive oil antelope that was made with the equal amount Cheesy the olive oil over had browned just little bit more because that's what that's due that she if they'd love had the same texture the same flavor and except for the fact that day outer portion with a little bit later it was every bit as good so china seed did you know that the I native Americans that live in .


Anchorage you have two or three of these in your car because you will come across people that that is the exact look they need get it read it yourself so you know what it is and then handed out with confidence hope to talk today about the electrical system of the brain this missus white started talking about the body's electrical system in the 1860s people early and her public life she started talking about the electrical system the doctors have heard a electricity for electricity used in the eighteen hundreds before the turn of the century they were even on splitting the streetlamps houses were not elected by the fact that she would even hey there was an electrical system in the body enable people to call her just.


I'll you remember and the road the mudslide that we started with post-traumatic stress disorder you do not just had a really horrific worse than you can imagine memory that happened back there in at the war whatever was when your when a nerve in poll starts going down that track towards the med fly the my flight isn't just their your body relives it it's not and memory your body relives that your heart begins to pound your breath you get shorter breath your hands get clammy cold you're ready to fly your mind races you think if you cannot get outtalk there you will die it backpack now war can cause it saying crazy things from I'll I meant a story start this graphic evidence that 34-year-old woman young mother married is a travel agent at a.m. travel agency she's in the office by yourself when afternoon two armed men come and a rob her at gunpoint five times in 15 minify they hold the gun to her head and the one man says I will kill you in her imagination she sees her Blaine's spattered on the wall and before they leave they maker strip naked they locked her in a closet they do not physically assault her at this time it awful months later this woman's entire life is in shambles.

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I can just refer to the AM and at thing p.m. any the month cut he can’t act and let's have an amazing Christmas excuses for me right now it's Chrissie me and 18 yes today said this is poss ible and here I tell us little bit late on the Christmas videos but that's okay his I am doin g the best 2012 and still have fees last 2012 CEO mind a reflection on my husband and we did a fast each 18 well and chemical-laced an additional but today and let me teach you Sep Lumagenex 2012 skin can teach some combining skincare me thanks want to separate because my first a best 2012 is skincare Hume Lake skin care is some you times eighth clinical at because they're all these great maker products and congealers primary that couldn't fate here's skinny let me fly when stacked think sometimes.


I showed you and is a carcinogen it is a carcinogen and those who use sun beds under the age of 35 increase their risk of malignant melanoma malignant melanoma by seventy-five percent now that's a huge percentage huge percentage is completely avoidable if you want to tan spray it on don't go on those awful devices the second thing about a son bed tan is this UV B leads to taking up the skin member mentions skin thickness as being important in protection and a youth EP 10 thickens the outer parts the skin the stratum cornea its three times more protective compared with UV a town and people go on the Sun that to get their base before holidays but then they go on holidays they fry in the Sun.

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Here failed in the first awesome 78 to 81 you City GA to a cheek yeah he's so much like they didn't mean to shoot 'me 278 was compassionate leave it yeah the only getting 81 it's what happens on the day you know it such fine line between being a good left anta shoo she's going to disappoint ship got she gave an official day but this is one of these competitions one day with a small red them blue all-white about the board I meet the fact is that we've got higher percentage a failure that we have a6 Asia missile Asia pays you money and take she chose a I want Jewish slightly more conservative late-model actually play to have trade-offs yeah I should County Dublin share all CK I think the next day just fish I to Java 21 Asics season she didn't first place their OT to lifts out a lot of stuff I did she's gone see the bronze medal she could whites because he fights onto the stage comes the Olympic bronze medalist I misses Saudi and cheese of now 105 as she proposed and now you need China stood in the wings yet to appear what we think will be 110 by the really have to look hot on the plane see him in the chest it's really funny she isn't enough data scurrying right is getting a shake a leg me hey great to join SB Nation dashiki surely going to follow itself because done and there's a Mexico is going to106 time has decided that it's not yet had time to come and okay one minute 51 seconds you wish to recover cab become a hand to in put things right in her mind do she said sheath 110 in the Asian Championships cheap one gold look yes we should guy him litigation go to game shape citizenship good she's only just a few one minute shipping something sure fish some change jobs or something do gunships I'm because they don't want torus through legislation 25 seconds players tied to get choked up ready say she's going she stay in the competition this needs to be even if she succeeds with she's going to be under serious pressure is up with guidance castile third should be watching the CD for the love you it’s here can I was very Scottish Inn each picture go away and match the fresh air Goodhue a do these you just a moment ago plan to share his reaction to let me hear she just she what she was going on you miss you more I take a lot of today’s competition is what I didn't expect know she gave me N Shake It Up Bobby Cain needed to stabilize .


Leningrad there it his business made an appearance someone’s in so as strong as well as labels and all that and there's a story where one night he committed suicide she jumped off too often doing in linden on the uh... compare welcome so dependable arum urn_ in studying all the brains and stuff first on the ground successor hungry and if you’re really getting the Enrique youngest and insecure or in any sort of dialogue of a book frozen Armenian bubbling.


I see the potential in her but the question is will she do it me I'll it’s have proposed to go home forbootcamp she's learned everything that she needs teacher she’s got the tools and she's got the knowledge and I truly believe from what saw to camp see she can do for the first time I'm excited about it and I have tools you know that I've never used before that I've learned so much knowledge speaks at and more excited to implement them Aim scared and nervous but and ready I am it's going to be a good year because at that that's why I am NOT could be going home on for the first time I have tools you know that I've never used before that I I've learned so much knowledge speaks at and more excited to implement them K good it's going to be a good year.

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I think it's funny valentine in the area there are some higher it was off forty one I think it is that any trail whatever one of the marshals Kathleen bell than what the mass what’ve been talking about going to have every single family life and a lot and neither one of these seats master-chef and I saw the airing Florida starter adhere marshals and I even saw teaching max is starting to get them in my area so I’ll give you were saying I do not have this house the a_f_c_ marshals already happened even these but this is the first time I’ve seen inflorida he has in new York I was able to find they didn't let us happening Florida and then they came in at college and they should have small enough budget and then he also comes the almond oil facial mask the n_f_l_ and one of my he said that she got movies and she got


Miller Me lamed witness for enters the character the sites and seals are covers up the nucleus so Mellon acts like a umbrella I guess also about race it's known fact that ultraviolet ray exposure at the nucleus over long periods of time will cause damage the chromosomes there's the chromosomes equates to skin cancer now other things that cause think it changes car changes why would be diet character for example is a protein found in vegetables and egg yolks I concentration character in for Sire slaw son vegetables Las Vega soaks may find themselves a slight yellow tips their skip where are blood vessel violation causes your schedule become rare so somebody says something you get a burly embarrass her face turned bright.


Ossetia work of art they three g think making you fat and apply the chocolate whether Diana so but there are three at platinum Eva estate sale sable he realizes carbohydrate foods if you can send custom compact but of another look at so you have a out you have a vegetarian jayshree pizza now commonplace discussed in the rocky exactly as Florida yet because if he did it changes a stage that you would be used in Europe and once you give them the day to be in case there though arouses doing it we but you can see the troop interests me dot west reduce unless I can actually be tasty president pass a paradigm shift but I think that a lot of people the heck a new but I’ve never ever seen.

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There are some individuals particularly girls, who have a tendency to keep the extra weight in the thighs and buttocks. No matter what diet plan you use to lose a few pounds of thighs at all times appears very gradual. Should not only likes the look of her thighs, learn this. We all want to lose a few pounds, but the weight reduction more difficult case with our thighs so here is the list of exercise routines to slim thighs! If you want to have the actual train in the thighs to prevent them from being J-Lo as curves in any way, listed below are some ideas for you to take a look at.


TIP! Regularly Do not forget to exercise if you want to lose weight. If you can, purchase a gym membership.
Never drink soda pop. It has a lot of carbohydrates and sugar, and it Tends to make your food desires Greater. Try choosing bottled water to reduce your thirst to stay healthy and slim.


Take a look and let us know: Your fall of the city on the list ... and / or you think it should After another summer season of the problems shaving, I decided to try laser hair removal, and after two treatments, I 'I am delighted with the results. So I sat down with the woman who made my summer easier, Berenice Rothenberg, asking some of the questions I had about laser hair removal.

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I was a fat and cholesterol on the planet was made power that be checking for 21 days no other energy and when you run a gift for your lunch break you turn your blood family just like mister Phillips and the third source of fat in the North American diet comes from that way fluid there comes out the other hotel now cow's milk is a hike that he would exquisitely designed for turning a sixty five-pound k off into a 400-pound cow year that is what cow's milk is poor now did and a whole milk has a butterfat content.


I missed big strongest 3d up just five more seconds before 3 and one it out are rightist last Holden spy telephone pushing behind you take stretches take it all the way down me suability Henry cut Xing stressed to last line I highest arts ready angst crossed 0 highest up hushed casting session sure first his first strong fixed making state for 3 to you and one last minute jog in place ready okay selected for you with the job whether pressed outside Orin place in your living room don't pick up the Ox to pick up the arms thought the hardest what you're doing is you’re forcing your body slut I here actually fighting against gravity elevate your heart rate hard fourth want to it actually slaughter hardest spare your cardiovascular.


You know if on the matter of fact ok so here's the knife out of there if you look closer at my revival we can see them and find out what actually has constraints on it we see you soon least rights every season red sax these strikes are really important these are the big had been and they are responsible for muscle contractions is one focus on thick Delaware sweetheart don't believe villainous are also no and in one alone exactly bikes picket lines marks thin filaments are also known as act antic_ teak game active so what I wanted you know as I want to take this morning that strike fairly and I want to lesser closures and quarter of a depicting infill you know we have a need at the end and they Phillips likely do you live here this colonists are coming here which leaves just me trying to.


16tracks without having to go to pick up the ladder way right is that it next time manage it in quiet girl watch get noticed something here and watch just noticed the straight line from the shoulder he out whole to the rest notice how his riches in kicked out the bottom our beloved where out in either direction this is the safest way to perform Girl’s Guide jacking up your outlook captor have my elbow surgery I learned all the How to Train arms properly thank God manic print dress he most people train there aren't enough guys got this right straight arm beautiful big man with a huge right now got seasonally natural bodybuilder Paul 38 years old bring it to us build giant beautiful through that type of doctor when you get off the most no so sorry out with a slightly in front of him abet it's going to take away the rest period at the bottom beautiful technique public loathsome and up strong.

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California and doctor McDougall number of other decisions are now routinely reversing atherosclerosis having people cancel the coronary artery bypass surgery because the change their diet and there are reasonable opened up that’s the good news here is the process happening here are six RB's coming out after from screen the dark red circle is the artery wall the pica material is the atherosclerotic material colliery the white spot as the blood flow channel which is getting smaller and smaller and smaller any order depended upon this blood vessel for its Pluto is in trouble fortunately it's reversible disease this happens a lot of material clogs arteries all over the body it's just a matter of which are free to which were inclined to a perspective view the symptoms get the loll product that builds up when are we going up to bring you will suffer a stroke if it.


I was a 2 coming out at you from the screen the artery wall has been cut away and you're just looking at the fair built up it started around the edge of the blood vessel and started moving in the blood flow channel with the years went by and the blood flowing killed up smaller and smaller and smaller to only this dark red spot was left forth blood flow to come through and when a clot formed here it stopped the blood flow completely through that artery and because it happened this in this man’s right coronary artery its top local was heartened by him ticket to the autopsy table this is the number one cause of death people in North America every 30 seconds on this continent Canada include somebody grabbed her chest and balls over with a heart attack this is an animal fat clogging up the others when you send this material down to the pathologists.

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You have here is that in the process we want your goal because the few feet a skinny person the obese person will disappear that you’re currently Make a Porno their suffered making diagram this is an easy way to do it so sphere’s the deal number one the concentration camps diet works starvation works putting people in restrictive game plans work so the arch with dire was broken water little soup from time to time were true for a couple birdies in it coffee they say that it was between four than600 to 700 calories a day this is why media arm in died order in their processes starved of slowly but yes in Arch worst I for sure will cause you to lose weight the problem is what you've gone through that I provide my the matter fast.


We're going to do you do is take aloof pieces that muscle cinnamon will definitely be cases actually years as an individual muscle cell so this would be to start up metallicitycell membrane the inside is filled with stockardplatinum and you may have been swamped seeds you see a few years which are what we call Meyer bibles hate my part long fuse proteins user indianite’s kaplan-meier firings themselves are covered with member list sat switches what this baby blue like materials here Inverness these millionaires sax are kraal star broke last minute particular that's in my heart u r above us start up last night now we know that yet what he's saying to you which is located right now we're just trying to get.


I never had hair my back in Toys & shaving another when I get ready for my first show I was 18 it's like when I started shaving my back it’s like a turn it over or clarion call me to do near huh listless on this issue its yeah and latte I'm a Joe Lahore by get any just shave my armpits on No you guys good she's good future yeah now with my herbs there's nothing here consume my lower back to do to you know when you're my size you never think you're small but I like the way I look now you known’s always in decent shape I always check myself I'll I W my face style months ago busy now flexi have since good I'm Pauline fund I'm good are a tear all gall I'm guys you seen the progression been almost 50 years of bodybuilding.


It turns into sour cream a lower fat version is called younger and butter fat is mixed up with kill stomach and that through your allowed to ferment for about six weeks to live hardens into chunks called cheese these are all forms a better fit the whole to the dairy want to buy the butterfat any dirt and when you do you turn your blood yet there's absolutely no reason to run butter fat through your bloodstream at any time and I'm submitting to you that would be lot healthier and happier if you do not cow's milk years 4 BBK out you have no more needed house no can you do giraffe no perforce Notre reptile mister Phelps lace collar but I was impressed with all the fat and blood stream we took mister go down to the operating room and ideation 2000 like gram’s better-known put him to sleep in surgeon opened up his chest and open up his aorta and open up his coronary arteries and working with the service started pulling out a mister Phillips.


I you guys make the office works for all on fine that's it for the workouts one exercise her body other one girls got help for just tonight likes of thanks for watching guys good her. what's up go II here are Dame want to work yes by shoulder seam route I go pretty sure let me guess I just heard angles promise to learn something never seen before stay with us going to take a few polo be 16 work it's a hot the so what are your guys looking all I point Press with widespread now we're going to show you be reshot live for t-mobile for this is a truly work here gonnarelease traction and shortening in a very cool air people’s is here to listen hey the rest tapping your guys 40 s while 10 seconds rest between exercises you home.

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I actually like being so now that I've got to the size I want to be and I've got to the level of meanness Inane be I'm not going trying to an extreme balk again because I know I'm getting close to that ceiling bomb also you guys aren't even close to that ceiling yet so for you to worry about increasing fat cells and all that stuffs just like there's other thing you should worry about right now on now that I've got to the size I want to be out-take more progressive weight gain approach but when you're 130 140 pounds I don't know why you're worried about increasing the number fat cells your main problem now that you're frigginscrawny need to pack some muscle on as get some muscle on first and then we'll worry about those extra fat cells will get rid of all will get you to a nice physique that you Lake anyone to maintain in the lobby easy to keep the fat of want to get where you want see what I'm saying it’s easy for me did not take more progressive making approach now because I'm sitting Adam overall muscle mass abuse dilate soul arm it would make sense for me to-do an extreme ball 1 I'm already close to my ceiling to get it hope this may consent cell your ultra skinny first body transformation you need ball Bangkok after you've had good dramatic by transformation maybe for your second or third or fourth transformation take more progressive approach okay.

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You to in Naiad got silly mistake Alicia it to good yeah got into the ladies happy out the covers got one attempt to come only because a Belarus to come Shinseki want to come and incidentally the Egyptian Lipitor as decided not to take his third live so maybe an injury there Shinseki here this week for change keeping in contention in years rulings by glided good do I okay Madeleine got a leash close yeah to him the same way to share show we got Marco both 175 of thosejammies finishes lifting southern chic and the ball going to 170 a two kilos and do talk of in the lead from don't see how the company is about to come out with a coffee in third place he's the only other man alive in this competition show have to be out of deciding the 17 TH remember he's already here up with his fastball with 175 psychopath he's going into new territory here good and that's what you have to do you just have to focus on what you can do control what you can and whatever on dreary Boora Belarus will do well that's up to him guy they just didn't get that right is wholly City don't know I just a heads up to seek a second a should lost his way there really undated a it is disappointing aftershocks continue to shake a fish do this is where.

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You can lower on proper back the back the positive for the lifting of the wapitis a negative in that it is the one portion of the exercise that make that the person wrote in the recovery ability and as I've already stated twice bad as a negative what I've been having my quiet doing is holding the way in the fully contracted position for up to 15 spectrum and then what recognize their static strength is about that girl they start lowering the way very slowly and the result climate evening art left early phenomenal thing purpose that a body builder is not the left merely heavyweight power lifters purpose that let me reemphasize that have a bodybuilder dear listener your primary goal is not to let heavyweight but still working I am tent city or maximum contract the muscle obviously the only place that you can achieve the maximum contraction would be in the form a constructive possession that is the only possession of the exercise where one hundred percent of the muscular ball can be activated so here's the idea let's eliminate the positive it doesn't contribute much to grow stimulation beyond that it's even more negative again in that it makes a deep inroads in their recovery ability start holding.

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I guarantee using some not all these time-wasting methods may be far worse in waste your time they’re keeping you from the body what they literally Hall muscle growth and promote more fat storage you also discover the reason why insist you enjoy your fruit even a substring a stripper in way althea unwanted fat of the body you be lopping the face a guys are doing hours of cardio hoping to see an ad one day if they're lucky was set you don't need cardio you don't need to overdo it on the demission I know you want to enjoy a few beers with your body's and you have better things to do than heal damn day that's why I made Sep train starting station: planned so drop dead simple now that's not all you be receiving today I also why you have private access to mime 47 training video library I'll be your personal trainer every single exercise you can be 100 percent confident you doing Sep trying to get all the benefits if.


I don't have an exact quantity I just put in a bunch of times has had protein is really good income also contains really good fatty acids uh... for the bond excel greatness at the bottom moves now than they had water and some time to sweeten it up you can use silence all if you want to come we have a whole bunch of rock Harmon uh... really good raw honey that we bought and sold my user what's mix-up this is just the baseball I want a mix up too much because the blades generate a certain amount of heat and also metal blade spend the more you blend it the more you oxidize it you tend to destroy those whole proteins.

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I'm going to put this in a crystal-clear perspective worry you spend that much on one session withal prophetic gym trainer some do that thinks that because user to certificate that took a week to turn you know senator in you what a joke most vocal trance piss me off because they haven't a clue to help the average guy how to build muscle insanely fast pay if you carelessly decided to remove those hair trainers make damn sure he said certified and he won't be on my guys are and the charger memo to her daughters in Arkansas view more children want action train you sure they're rich guys the pace is kind of cash I'm just after your opportunity get the exact same value for fracture the cost and listen you going to waste for more money in ninety seven dollars over the next 30 days sorry for being the wrong foods and taking BS mass-produce commercial submits that actually get flushed down a toilet worse the mall you’ll be wasting time which is the most valuable thing in the universe or you get smarter you take the fast track the done for you pat and allow me to hand you your my forty separate system personally two seconds from now just click the button below that says yes Ben I'm ready for more muscle bass click that button and accused him of how catching drug dropping muscle mass in half the time we headed to you today muscle is created using your own on factor you'll see get bigger and more ripped at the same time hand you'd all over 24 minutes Spraining protocol okay IBS and questions.

How To Improve Your Muscle

I'll consider groom oneself that doesn’t stand a really the class that scientific evidence I would encourage people to stay away from those times on just because they’re mostly people among people walk by and large rather than think for themselves gradually coming more educated understand there's gray areas not likely people want to think and that either-or right I can eat his boat I can eat the food they want specific amounts right you basically explain how if it fits your macros the pitcher nah cronies loll from being just a general peace advice if this year the butter crackers if it's a crack house it's good to go at the picture bottle I how can how can Alan how can we combined the snow now that we know that you don't happen to you don't look any 6 creepy at the same time UK Yolo pop tart into the sunset and after the pop charts and expect a day and expect to get all kinds the gate what is middle ground what do you recommend you train people you give nutrition plant where it is the answer lies somewhere in between where we talking about here it this is how.

I had bookmarked this

I had bookmarked this. You should keep posting this type of knowledgeable information. I am happy with the given information and new learning.

How Improve Your Muscle

I want to get to a dynamic or months you know we use something like you know this trial which is a walking spider-man with a hinny walk to water spider-man to hit left and then over a breach so you can be hard we getting for hip flexion its good head chip's operation back leg now bonds issue getting ankle mobility on the decline church researcher hamstring three-step through a little hip flex or lake in the back leg and outreach we built in thrashed by mobility we get a little action are pack she's a good catch all mobility exercises better contributed to men's health a couple years ago and the call to my career because it was a good idea for warming up quickly on so ankle hip thrusts final Billy some thrashed by me or upper back those are some other big fox's a nap Union you get hip in scatter stabilizer activation so where I was doing stuff to come to get the hips in the upper back working we want to so I think you know don't overlook fact strength training through a full range motions is absolutely imperative if you do you want to improve your ability so know your age motion may not be where it needs to be yet but at the very least need to create stability much beasts far and we do some sack stretching as well usually that injury to enfranchisement session on just words its probably best placed in the context of inner from a string to power gains inland things along those lines.


I got leader room is that okay different points in the stricter that white girl the only guy as he curls and we've got so the man promo girls so three release all exercises so we're going to be touching all points the bicep and this is going to be extremely challenging a rest a last-16 alright don't give upon here you go who was at full extension there today tracking a triceps Audubon maximum stretch vaccination black perfect cost neutral spine all the way around and I love it crack about to buy Sweden and all but one of my sleeve mom I squat down to go a trap ha-ha p yeah post reply was locked in their I think it’s faster here squeezing the gluts live here try to prevent that slate am honored that headline spirit of Maastricht command classes but late last summer but nice control sick computer age 16 reps here bio mindset here mind over matter fact mom nice control work do it and I'm and after poker and Jack down there in a strong a tonight per cent feat.

that still makes people

that still makes people want to come back when it all goes back to what personalty used to talk about when it was a the naphtha subject if I mean but look at what Americans can dote me if you're an entrepreneur and you can go out and you can buy things from other countries that are willing to produce and sell 'me for a prize and the Americans your willing to pay five six seven times the price is your genius to do that but ran now if you took the same product and made it here in America you would make you would make an early money on you can survive on form 5 percent margins at some minutes been proven in the last 10 years here in this country just about every sector people were used to making thirteen forty percent margins at one point in ie8 I think it's no makeup enough enough profit they didn't have to deal w lawyers and the laws and great how many break sure I mean how much is I mean shirt and how much I mean look at working here if you want to build a new hotel here downtown Las you how long it takes run on litigation.
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Smoking is bad for health one

Smoking is bad for health one should avoid that. Timber Merchants York

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