Designated smoking area turned into praying area for women at Karachi airport

(GLOBALink) Thanks to the efforts of the partners working against the epidemic of tobacco in Pakistan, particularly those who raised their voices against the Designated Smoking Areas, the authorities have turned a Designated Smoking Area into a Mosque (Praying Area) for Women at Karachi airport. Congratulations to all and lets join hands to move on to fight for the implementation of smoke-free policies. Under the national tobacco control legislation, there is no room for any designated smoking area in the country.

Best regards

Shahzad Alam Khan
NPO Tobacco Control


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You have here is that in the process we want your goal because the few feet a skinny person the obese person will disappear that you’re currently Make a Porno their suffered making diagram this is an easy way to do it so sphere’s the deal number one the concentration camps diet works starvation works putting people in restrictive game plans work so the arch with dire was broken water little soup from time to time were true for a couple birdies in it coffee they say that it was between four than600 to 700 calories a day this is why media arm in died order in their processes starved of slowly but yes in Arch worst I for sure will cause you to lose weight the problem is what you've gone through that I provide my the matter fast.


We're going to do you do is take aloof pieces that muscle cinnamon will definitely be cases actually years as an individual muscle cell so this would be to start up metallicitycell membrane the inside is filled with stockardplatinum and you may have been swamped seeds you see a few years which are what we call Meyer bibles hate my part long fuse proteins user indianite’s kaplan-meier firings themselves are covered with member list sat switches what this baby blue like materials here Inverness these millionaires sax are kraal star broke last minute particular that's in my heart u r above us start up last night now we know that yet what he's saying to you which is located right now we're just trying to get.


I never had hair my back in Toys & shaving another when I get ready for my first show I was 18 it's like when I started shaving my back it’s like a turn it over or clarion call me to do near huh listless on this issue its yeah and latte I'm a Joe Lahore by get any just shave my armpits on No you guys good she's good future yeah now with my herbs there's nothing here consume my lower back to do to you know when you're my size you never think you're small but I like the way I look now you known’s always in decent shape I always check myself I'll I W my face style months ago busy now flexi have since good I'm Pauline fund I'm good are a tear all gall I'm guys you seen the progression been almost 50 years of bodybuilding.


It turns into sour cream a lower fat version is called younger and butter fat is mixed up with kill stomach and that through your allowed to ferment for about six weeks to live hardens into chunks called cheese these are all forms a better fit the whole to the dairy want to buy the butterfat any dirt and when you do you turn your blood yet there's absolutely no reason to run butter fat through your bloodstream at any time and I'm submitting to you that would be lot healthier and happier if you do not cow's milk years 4 BBK out you have no more needed house no can you do giraffe no perforce Notre reptile mister Phelps lace collar but I was impressed with all the fat and blood stream we took mister go down to the operating room and ideation 2000 like gram’s better-known put him to sleep in surgeon opened up his chest and open up his aorta and open up his coronary arteries and working with the service started pulling out a mister Phillips.


I you guys make the office works for all on fine that's it for the workouts one exercise her body other one girls got help for just tonight likes of thanks for watching guys good her. what's up go II here are Dame want to work yes by shoulder seam route I go pretty sure let me guess I just heard angles promise to learn something never seen before stay with us going to take a few polo be 16 work it's a hot the so what are your guys looking all I point Press with widespread now we're going to show you be reshot live for t-mobile for this is a truly work here gonnarelease traction and shortening in a very cool air people’s is here to listen hey the rest tapping your guys 40 s while 10 seconds rest between exercises you home.

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I actually like being so now that I've got to the size I want to be and I've got to the level of meanness Inane be I'm not going trying to an extreme balk again because I know I'm getting close to that ceiling bomb also you guys aren't even close to that ceiling yet so for you to worry about increasing fat cells and all that stuffs just like there's other thing you should worry about right now on now that I've got to the size I want to be out-take more progressive weight gain approach but when you're 130 140 pounds I don't know why you're worried about increasing the number fat cells your main problem now that you're frigginscrawny need to pack some muscle on as get some muscle on first and then we'll worry about those extra fat cells will get rid of all will get you to a nice physique that you Lake anyone to maintain in the lobby easy to keep the fat of want to get where you want see what I'm saying it’s easy for me did not take more progressive making approach now because I'm sitting Adam overall muscle mass abuse dilate soul arm it would make sense for me to-do an extreme ball 1 I'm already close to my ceiling to get it hope this may consent cell your ultra skinny first body transformation you need ball Bangkok after you've had good dramatic by transformation maybe for your second or third or fourth transformation take more progressive approach okay.

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You to in Naiad got silly mistake Alicia it to good yeah got into the ladies happy out the covers got one attempt to come only because a Belarus to come Shinseki want to come and incidentally the Egyptian Lipitor as decided not to take his third live so maybe an injury there Shinseki here this week for change keeping in contention in years rulings by glided good do I okay Madeleine got a leash close yeah to him the same way to share show we got Marco both 175 of thosejammies finishes lifting southern chic and the ball going to 170 a two kilos and do talk of in the lead from don't see how the company is about to come out with a coffee in third place he's the only other man alive in this competition show have to be out of deciding the 17 TH remember he's already here up with his fastball with 175 psychopath he's going into new territory here good and that's what you have to do you just have to focus on what you can do control what you can and whatever on dreary Boora Belarus will do well that's up to him guy they just didn't get that right is wholly City don't know I just a heads up to seek a second a should lost his way there really undated a it is disappointing aftershocks continue to shake a fish do this is where.

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You can lower on proper back the back the positive for the lifting of the wapitis a negative in that it is the one portion of the exercise that make that the person wrote in the recovery ability and as I've already stated twice bad as a negative what I've been having my quiet doing is holding the way in the fully contracted position for up to 15 spectrum and then what recognize their static strength is about that girl they start lowering the way very slowly and the result climate evening art left early phenomenal thing purpose that a body builder is not the left merely heavyweight power lifters purpose that let me reemphasize that have a bodybuilder dear listener your primary goal is not to let heavyweight but still working I am tent city or maximum contract the muscle obviously the only place that you can achieve the maximum contraction would be in the form a constructive possession that is the only possession of the exercise where one hundred percent of the muscular ball can be activated so here's the idea let's eliminate the positive it doesn't contribute much to grow stimulation beyond that it's even more negative again in that it makes a deep inroads in their recovery ability start holding.

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I guarantee using some not all these time-wasting methods may be far worse in waste your time they’re keeping you from the body what they literally Hall muscle growth and promote more fat storage you also discover the reason why insist you enjoy your fruit even a substring a stripper in way althea unwanted fat of the body you be lopping the face a guys are doing hours of cardio hoping to see an ad one day if they're lucky was set you don't need cardio you don't need to overdo it on the demission I know you want to enjoy a few beers with your body's and you have better things to do than heal damn day that's why I made Sep train starting station: planned so drop dead simple now that's not all you be receiving today I also why you have private access to mime 47 training video library I'll be your personal trainer every single exercise you can be 100 percent confident you doing Sep trying to get all the benefits if.


I don't have an exact quantity I just put in a bunch of times has had protein is really good income also contains really good fatty acids uh... for the bond excel greatness at the bottom moves now than they had water and some time to sweeten it up you can use silence all if you want to come we have a whole bunch of rock Harmon uh... really good raw honey that we bought and sold my user what's mix-up this is just the baseball I want a mix up too much because the blades generate a certain amount of heat and also metal blade spend the more you blend it the more you oxidize it you tend to destroy those whole proteins.

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I'm going to put this in a crystal-clear perspective worry you spend that much on one session withal prophetic gym trainer some do that thinks that because user to certificate that took a week to turn you know senator in you what a joke most vocal trance piss me off because they haven't a clue to help the average guy how to build muscle insanely fast pay if you carelessly decided to remove those hair trainers make damn sure he said certified and he won't be on my guys are and the charger memo to her daughters in Arkansas view more children want action train you sure they're rich guys the pace is kind of cash I'm just after your opportunity get the exact same value for fracture the cost and listen you going to waste for more money in ninety seven dollars over the next 30 days sorry for being the wrong foods and taking BS mass-produce commercial submits that actually get flushed down a toilet worse the mall you’ll be wasting time which is the most valuable thing in the universe or you get smarter you take the fast track the done for you pat and allow me to hand you your my forty separate system personally two seconds from now just click the button below that says yes Ben I'm ready for more muscle bass click that button and accused him of how catching drug dropping muscle mass in half the time we headed to you today muscle is created using your own on factor you'll see get bigger and more ripped at the same time hand you'd all over 24 minutes Spraining protocol okay IBS and questions.

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I'll consider groom oneself that doesn’t stand a really the class that scientific evidence I would encourage people to stay away from those times on just because they’re mostly people among people walk by and large rather than think for themselves gradually coming more educated understand there's gray areas not likely people want to think and that either-or right I can eat his boat I can eat the food they want specific amounts right you basically explain how if it fits your macros the pitcher nah cronies loll from being just a general peace advice if this year the butter crackers if it's a crack house it's good to go at the picture bottle I how can how can Alan how can we combined the snow now that we know that you don't happen to you don't look any 6 creepy at the same time UK Yolo pop tart into the sunset and after the pop charts and expect a day and expect to get all kinds the gate what is middle ground what do you recommend you train people you give nutrition plant where it is the answer lies somewhere in between where we talking about here it this is how.

I had bookmarked this

I had bookmarked this. You should keep posting this type of knowledgeable information. I am happy with the given information and new learning.

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I want to get to a dynamic or months you know we use something like you know this trial which is a walking spider-man with a hinny walk to water spider-man to hit left and then over a breach so you can be hard we getting for hip flexion its good head chip's operation back leg now bonds issue getting ankle mobility on the decline church researcher hamstring three-step through a little hip flex or lake in the back leg and outreach we built in thrashed by mobility we get a little action are pack she's a good catch all mobility exercises better contributed to men's health a couple years ago and the call to my career because it was a good idea for warming up quickly on so ankle hip thrusts final Billy some thrashed by me or upper back those are some other big fox's a nap Union you get hip in scatter stabilizer activation so where I was doing stuff to come to get the hips in the upper back working we want to so I think you know don't overlook fact strength training through a full range motions is absolutely imperative if you do you want to improve your ability so know your age motion may not be where it needs to be yet but at the very least need to create stability much beasts far and we do some sack stretching as well usually that injury to enfranchisement session on just words its probably best placed in the context of inner from a string to power gains inland things along those lines.


I got leader room is that okay different points in the stricter that white girl the only guy as he curls and we've got so the man promo girls so three release all exercises so we're going to be touching all points the bicep and this is going to be extremely challenging a rest a last-16 alright don't give upon here you go who was at full extension there today tracking a triceps Audubon maximum stretch vaccination black perfect cost neutral spine all the way around and I love it crack about to buy Sweden and all but one of my sleeve mom I squat down to go a trap ha-ha p yeah post reply was locked in their I think it’s faster here squeezing the gluts live here try to prevent that slate am honored that headline spirit of Maastricht command classes but late last summer but nice control sick computer age 16 reps here bio mindset here mind over matter fact mom nice control work do it and I'm and after poker and Jack down there in a strong a tonight per cent feat.

that still makes people

that still makes people want to come back when it all goes back to what personalty used to talk about when it was a the naphtha subject if I mean but look at what Americans can dote me if you're an entrepreneur and you can go out and you can buy things from other countries that are willing to produce and sell 'me for a prize and the Americans your willing to pay five six seven times the price is your genius to do that but ran now if you took the same product and made it here in America you would make you would make an early money on you can survive on form 5 percent margins at some minutes been proven in the last 10 years here in this country just about every sector people were used to making thirteen forty percent margins at one point in ie8 I think it's no makeup enough enough profit they didn't have to deal w lawyers and the laws and great how many break sure I mean how much is I mean shirt and how much I mean look at working here if you want to build a new hotel here downtown Las you how long it takes run on litigation.
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I think are my problem with that haven't done it the first thing is 10 they're my own a was addicted to painkillers one dale's the cracks and I got drunk and for quick a couple other pills I'm aka taking on and terry cloth and you know your mom got divorced and didn't think I was going to talk to you very more talk to you in a really long time in was under for you called me you told me that you were millionaire her that from you for a but it was legal I need at the time and it saved me of 0 and short-term me want you to flavor so you know that's it that’s a failed to yours thinking about protecting me shouldn’t take on that burden yourself scratch said the stress to tensions are to lose weight this year’s one thing for your different person it’s you and Becky to you know I prod now okay story for you know Chris was right.

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Mukherjee that's right wouldn't it be great if we could make a room in the liver so that one shouldn't go to store in the liver nurses yeah come on England because this is where you belong so we don't make back we can and wouldn't be amazing if we can’t just dive into that best-selling burn fat for energy we can yeah I'm going to show you treaty I would like to talk about green tea cut there is in a week that goes by that someone doesn't bring me in your green tea diet pill met they handed yesterday and asked me not is this Amy you have taken as an antioxidant LC it pact component of green tea does what in lowers sugar in the blood mainly lower sugar in the blood we brought in Watford hey you used today white kidney every time we eat a car its community sugar it not harm that the issue it when theca converts to sugar and the camper at all that the issue in order for the carbohydrate to convert to show their we need something called and family environment order to do that the white kidney.

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Your tightening patronizing lead to Krait Batman stretching kept black act now paying like tension free shippingmorninYagain out only four more extension mission accomplished strange you'reholding your about help with your core ankle bracelet straight leg freeshipping down 10 at Plainfield feet feel the stress come on guyschallengers now a restaurant Lake left behind you post among guys get throughthis we're almost there only one moderate regions tracked 8 Senate we think lead chemport 3 come on down left pan down attempt at a comeback up handling it up to go into our her body help the lightweight your hands like part 1 like a stack one come back that commercial square yourhips crap picture lol straight I'm priced at there let's take it up cap your head I'm Skype at throwing Cape now okay and impress take it back you deleted on the tricep the backyard takepart here sweetie Park KS here we go right now but what I haveleft and Bri wake up at your place you cannot let up badeah here more not right kickback and impress field 10 army metal extension come on take it back she's by compound I take it she don't forget to three he tossed 8 Catholic you can't wait like if I'mawake tricep kickback impressed ticket Park yeah back poor I'm right tight less think him a smallyou back K at home thinking or feeling take it any claim that make.


You don't want to go to get her most people's minds but yes you can build nice nicely mass uh... real muscle you can actually work out five times a week which is what i'mdoing uh... you can do pretty heavy workouts and keep up with the rest of the folks out there actually build mass fashion at least in my job com I’ve been the one split almost mass in the past few months and I look at the people around him yellow kind the same home so anyway is doable that's what I want chili so behind me here I’ve got my uh... Maya super foods cabinet one of my dig into it and show you what put my after workouts movies cello while I can get one let's make movies mister Mattel.

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I for children I am merchant pin I am sit in a lotus position and take deep solo breast reunions open your mouth and exhaled loudly the new me continue taking deep breaths through your nose the Green Mountains and open your mouth then released your bread loudly through your mouth me do the me the up are the do the mom march/April I am helps clear your mind and relaxes you completely were cheaper and I am aids in reducing tensions increases your stamina and brings glow to your skin the I am I know you're not I am the and after this poin.

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Starting out on a new business venture with others you know and trust is normally about planning all things you will do to make your business a success. It will very likely involve a range of issues focussing on finances, how to promote and sell the product or service and providing excellent service.


I'm depressed people seek comfort food and they just eat everything in sight so how as you go into the field are you going to recognize if someone is depressed or not your channel talking but more than that listening because they're going to tell you if they’re depressed it will it will it with the bout it even though they planned that no one ever know it will the payout and you will hear it symptoms of depression persistent sad anxious or empty mood feelings of hopelessness pessimism feelings that guilt worthlessness helplessness la seven just a pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed decreased energy fatigue their slow down I’m giving you these notes so you're safe insomnia 0 they wake up early in the morning or they can go to sleep at night it's really awful.


Milan aside I'm in the basal layer which give on our skin color and it also changes with UV light the dermis is where you'll see the connective aspect I including collagen elastic fibers et cetera and we know that can you be like for example can affect be you asked to stay in the skin on and on there are certain nutrients that can improve the elasticity and then again I pointed out the blood vessels and then there are some skin appendages I'm which include different kind of sweat glands one that helps regulate temperature and one I that has more to do with a in Iraq the bacteria and things like that so overview a scan function them the primary thing is very right I mean our I believe this in ways I a total about I think eight-pound like that it's pretty significant organ you cannot live without it so it's mainly a barrier to the outside it also allows for things like you know on sensing where you are cut their nerve endings.

Even the most primitive form

Even the most primitive form of smoking requires tools of some sort to perform. This has resulted in a staggering variety of smoking tools and paraphernalia from all over the world.
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He stumbled upon the unique principles insights reset possibly follow everything and pounds purely muscle mass just eight weeks and he also got a six-pack for the first time in his entire life now I'll even take it one-step further so because you're here today I'll even go ahead at my online coaching program into the mix show be with you every single step of the way will be walking along your journey done passive success together you'll not be alone so you have any questions at all don't hesitate to shoot me an email not personally is your question in fact here’s my email right now just to show you I'm not cheating remember it's not just great bargain you're getting today you'll be joining in a monumental me movement of what I like to call the one million pound mission a goal byte year is the help , guys from all over the world transformed their bodies going some scrawny to superhero by packing on at least pounds a pure muscle to their frames and I want you to be part of this mission just think the tightest impact this will have on your life being a real-life superhero is not about having super powers it's about living the good life living life being the beanie always wanted to be and always striving to be great and inspiring just imagine how many people around.


Delaware sweetheart don't believe villainous are also no and in one alone exactly bikes picket lines marks thin filaments are also known as act antic_ teak game active so what I wanted you know as I want to take this morning that strike fairly and I want to lesser closures and quarter of a depicting infill you know we have a need at the end and they Phillips likely do you live here this colonists are coming here which leaves just me trying to relax a little partners started here is the smallest unit of muscle contraction settlement chives started here which Isa union of thickened intellect and we’re going to blow it up naturally next year and next so you're going to find a couple of things here painting each era notes these in your diet alright um... the parts other a surveyor now there are hundreds tens of thousands of volunteers andhenry said.

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Your entire face and youreyes as the brighter and fresh immediately well slept to my scar is overseeingincredibly useful at this time is a month because beautifully curled lashes with nice nice car along and separatedwill detract from a multitude of sins so I'm going to usethis origins gin Singh one which is a brightnames Kara it's a nice lengthening one so she fine jewelers people that is cryingabsolutely everything then I would recommendwaterproof my score of course I think this get plenty on and have anice can have clean kind of luxury lashreally helps to lift everything and the eyebrows there is no differentthan usual though will say that term if you are you need to do a little bithave tweezing no plucky or something I would just you feeling really premenstrual justforget it because if I take a hair I'm delighted I justhow hurts so much and just lash out your husband or boyfriend is walking past get really aggressive say just leave itdon't worry about it people don't notice the old stray and better to wait to you feeling morestable and then go do your usual whatever youdo do Brown said just brushed them into place may prohibit a pencil on but don't worry about them if you makeyour eyes look great.


I have to know what people actually do and passions helped me greatly so who chopped garlic well all sorts of people cooks housewives maybe some men love chopping garlic and when you looked for allergies you up to the site of maximum contact and you look for exposure so it's not the person has done it for the first time it's the really enthusiastic coke so exposure determines S&P actually diagnose people because bit we’re not always that clever we sometimes have to really take a good history and then use a standard series about dozen test them and then we can't say for sure what is the coals and then of course straightforward doesn’t the treatment is avoid the calls that was a very quick galloped through excellent now we’re going to talk very briefly about teenagers so just about growing up you have your lovely little baby they turn it to children and then they reach the age of ace approximately and that's the age that your adrenal glands wake up and observant mothers often notice things like age ace going on 9 their little darling has blackheads in the ears that usually.

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Yu truly them as a male feeling confident having success has never been more difficult today I'm going to show you why and deliver a ton of free information on how to take charge of your life and get to the top well feeling healthier stronger and infinitely more confidence what are the vital indicate is a male is span its out contribution to the survival of the human race unfortunately male sperm counts have dropped alarmingly in the last 50 years the most comprehensive study about this was published in British Medical Journal in 1992 showed that between 1940 and 1990 men’s sperm count dropped a whopping fifty percent and the percentage men considered to have an extremely low sperm count triple evidence suggests this downward trend has continued since then which means this a 30-year-old man today has three times less them than a man born in 1925 so if you're in your thirties or forties or older or if you're not waking up with interaction each morning then you need to pay very close attention to this presentation and at the end you will realize that these fifteen minutes you've invested maybe the best spent 15 minutes %uh your entire year why because men who watch this video will become much more successful and those who don't will remain victims air enough now the research and clinical studies that.

How To Loss Your Weight

I don't perceive this as something easy to do something easy to start or something easy to stay with every opportunity you have to really engage in be around after vegans and talk to people just helps you to stay on track so I encourage you to do our best and I want you to know that I think it's hard it's a hard transition an incredibly valuable one probably the most important thing that you can focus on in your in your life for keeping you healthy so here goes I want to know why you should be vegan and then I want to help you learn how to-do it in ways that are pretty simple so the first question is what happens with fat when you a fat what is unhealthy fat what is healthy fat and weird is fat go when it’s being utilized properly we know right where fact those when there's an excessive amount of fat but where does help the fact that used so this is a picture %uh the cell membrane when you're eating healthy fat and your absorbing it in metabolizing it in using a its it creates this phospholipids by a layer around each of your cells each set up your cells across your whole body has these fantastic cell membranes that operate to print make the inside the cell slightly different from the outside the cell different levels of certain salts like sodium and potassium different proteins inside compared to outside City cell membranes are really important and it's important that they be flexible and squishy in release of tube so that they can communicate with other cells very effectively some other proteins can you see that little a row on the blue transport protein we rely on these transport proteins to move proteins across.

How To Loss Your Weight

I went home with this diagnosis a pre diabetes and cracked open my computer and started to learn and tried to figure out exactly what is saturated fat was and what carbohydrates are and what's a good carbohydrate verses a bad carbohydrate and I realized all the advice I was given my patience and all the advice I was following for my own diet was coming from what I was watching on television really and not from anything I had ever learn and so anyway after I a couple weeks I love just digging around in that really finding anything that seem to make a lot of sense I had read about these vegetarian vegan diets but there was no way that that was something would pursue okay thought it might hurt me and not be healthy and where would I get my protein if really funny looking back but in any case I had a big day I just accidentally had a vegan day I had my milk at this hour so I couldn't have no quick breakfast and I didn't pack my snack so I didn't have my yogurt and cheese and then my lunch was served to me I wasn't in charge my luncheonette turned out to be big and when I went out for steak that night they didn't have the cut a preferred so I had passed instead and then badly in the morning my sugar was oppressing approaching a hundred for the first time since my diagnosis so I kind of well alright and then take a run at this and see how it goes so I so I went vegan overnight that's not easy Anna & I mean that's really tricky and I understand that this is tricky it's still hard for me to stay vegan I still have a lot of remains and so I present this talk with the really a joyful expression and a whole bunch of great little tips and advice but I understand I want you to understand that.

weight loss carentian 56

290 point six degrees out the same as your body temperature the fat on that beach take a solid movement a nice way chance at dinner if you have a problem all well in the same table at that same temperature is liquid at that same body temperature I don’t know about you but I don't want any fact that is followed at my body temperature because it's going to start clocking out my orders and that's the beauty of plant oils their liquidity right can't really don't cling to your arteries animal fats contain a substance called record UNICAMP in Iraq attacking us said stimulates the creation in the body of a substance called plastic land into and possible and sense of loss inflammatory reactions in the body they can hear take the blood vessels perhaps entry into the office for us is it may well cause a lot inflammatory reaction the joint disc in the Bronx gang members in other places plant oils have such as holding a lead acid.

How To Remove Your Pimples Marks

I i understand. debt it's nice just male mice enlisted things every nine here I have 10 canfragrances so also things Kalan babies and perfumes and stuff like that would alsobe something that I try to avoid and again this isjust chemical exposure thats QB leadinginside our body City North putting it on the outside herbody these chemicals are still going to accumulate inside our price: so what I'll a is an these essential oils and I justbrought a couple here see I next see what my essential oils looklike assassin tiger balm kinda not related to this video playerpenalty rate an for bug bites in sore muscles anything like that in it'snot anything a so I have some rose water someeucalyptus some tea tree oil and and see what is this peppermint oil so theessential oils are awesome into a whole video about essential oilsthey have therapeutic benefits the have ham different benefits at thedifferent ones offered in this now amazing and you can added Roberts used to anotherproduct you're using let's say you have a so doesn't have anyfragrance doesn't have any smelling it maybe you wanna had a littledropper such a while had a little bit smell and some of theseyou always wanna read the backup label something you don't wanna apply directlyto your skin you want to use at the college carrieroil just have to die least the essential oil itself butthere's always a little instructions on tell you what to do just in generalthese are going to be so much safer actually offer some health benefits tous in addition to the old from a therapy benefits that miss people are more there the lastthing.


America it's getting earlier and it's now a year earlier than it used to be and their very interested in what might be the coals and actually might be obesity it might be but it's not 100 percent sure but puberty is occurring earlier rather than later and with increasing affluence and puberty leads to a male hormone production both in women and men and that what and regions are male hormones and with androgen production the oil glands in the skin wake up and they produce oil whitehead ‘sand blackheads and their implies all the problems because people don't like oily skin and people don't like whiteheads and blackheads and if you have very oil and already glands they are big plans and they can get colonized by bacteria and then that leads to acne spots so of course to have an oily skin in teenage years is completely normal how much it happens is genetically determined so if you have oily parents you have a little children in their eighties sorry but that's just the way it is and it’s rather dismaying.


I’m really only interested in the party tough when being troubled by accident then we have trooping pace australiapicture patronizing trooping here in just second and then we're also going to focus on what they filaments which have bundles of mice and fibers and what are called might say said this figure which is also in your book gives us came really close up view of disarm here here's the stars relentless illness which are also known as my accident and oh great then elements which are also denies acting set the first thing refuses to take a little piece of this intimate or acting in good way dot that’s what this is sit here excuse me here we can see can settlements field actually doesn't look like a red-light all the people who are not we can see that it actually looks like too stringent hurdles twisted casita two strands of pearls twisted passage twisted her like pattern is very important because we can pick out hard to you critical prisons the first one in what appears to be agree rather that sort of twists around sty strand.


I hope you've enjoyed assault ripped my kitchen handout and that this movie is helpful to you and your workouts particularly if your office but you know you have to wait or you have to become our offer goes to Princeton you can actually do it right now even if you are drinking animal protein he keeps recognizes that and uh... there may be some purging may initially lose that weight uh... but it's all that weight gigolo anyway this is cracked you've been stored in your uh... stock you Colin or who knows where cell that's okay uh... we may lose some weight initially but you'll start getting it back and it'll be a good way to know built with really high-quality protein clocking grew up with the workouts and up. the most long Shack com missed a number 103 crossing by program and time stay where I'm going to begin its been awhile since I've made a video on I think over a week at this point I'm made some pretty big decisions different aspects of my life been changes.

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I lower sugar to go off or we need to do something about it so you're my actually takes the sugar and on purpose converts into fact triglyceride a fat cell mom we're going to call this and this is my terms not a medical term we’re going to call that droplets they need you visualize the difference between that cell an effect droplet so sugar with insulin converts to the backdrop what if we lower sugar in the blood we burn fat for energy that is the purpose this is what makes us look bad burning machine you can take as much sorry medication as you want but it used only to many parts and had too much sugar you still get at me too many back backed up we need be great if we can block arms from converting to sugar we can wouldn't it be great if we could just lower sugar in the blood if we lower sugar we were Mukherjee that's right wouldn't it be great if we could make a room in the liver so that one shouldn't go to store in the liver nurses yeah come on England because this is where you belong so we don't make back we can and wouldn't be amazing.

Artemis Hospital, spread

Artemis Hospital, spread across 9 acres, is a 350 bed, state-of-the-art multi-speciality hospital located at Gurgaon, in the Capital Region, India. Artemis Hospital is the first JCI and NABH accredited hospital in Gurgaon.
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I'm better sport 0x1 of strong shares four seconds on the way down of strong but at better I both the bottom center guys the console maker okay again this helps in corporate what are the main points as the bicep to the soup in a cup or are and that he’s a really resist Ross easy trap bars here for this makes it a little extra tough has really helped develop a component of the bicep muscle let often get neglected look great world news in a prone dash to help push out of boredom or this 800 is going to start as the side that of and the stricter peers going to make it harder said Paul get it all the way to talk to the bishop you really got to fight for every inch of the way I show you as high as you can yeah better domain fight up higher higher yeah.


I want to be king died over a span of11 days I'd rather blood pressure 6 percent about double that dropped in those that were hypertensive to begin with 14 clean-cut killer Parkinson’s disease does a vegan diet reduce risk for Parkinson's disease good question well I we know that every single perspective study ever done on non dairy products milk consumption the risk of Parkinson's disease about increased risk a Parkinson’s why one possibility is that dairy products in the United States are contaminated with neuron toxic chemicals their substantial evidence on suggestion exposure to pesticides may increase the Parkinson’s disease risk in these autopsy studies have found that the level these pollutants and pesticides in the brains are elevated levels in the brain tumor%uh Parkinson’s disease patient and some these toxins are present at low levels in a dairy product they're talking about toxins I like attach dry do I support lames parkinsonism related compound found particularly in that she’s now although the amount some this Euro trance even she's are not very high the concern is that if they make accumulate he's never talked to make.

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I've been going for me it's not really are unemotional saying where I'm very driven do what I do and I realize the job on him so I don't need that extra Angered already kind frustration a train in the heart of can I surround myself with people sometimes friend extra motivation I guess min ago in the gym and push give it some people pick up some weed sometimes 117 that of I am washing with that everyone knows what I do in the gym you everyone always trains harder than young matter what you I traders artists am I could be a size five trains no I had the opportunity to work networking go to the gym so know when you can ever teach anyone training advise the we talk about spending money for food also their stuff in a span of thousand dollars a week when tissue or that's crazy anyone that we lifts weights you tearing down muscle tissue so you can have a breakdown that issue that's going to get the keys to their tuition so what we're trying to do is its take the stress off their muscles keep the muscles calcium course flexible pliable and is going.


Hispanic children were overweight and these numbers have continued increase worse four percent a childhood diabetes type 2 1990 you can see it's risen over 20 percent today and I've tried 2 diabetics diagnosed eighty-five percent of these children are obese which child is the vegetarian what do you think I want you to look at the change you know this is not overweight this is obese that is people have a BMI greater than 30 the change in the percentage is the people in the States United States in just the last few years this was 1985 10 percent light blue 10 to 40 percent start this was 1985 by nineteen ninety their business Brett call the waistband United States here by nineteen ninety-five it was almost universal by making a commitment for the new college because male 20 percent or more up the population with no peace right here in the home in deep fried ice cream well 1999 justice few years later.


I’m really only interested in the party tough when being troubled by accident then we have trooping pace australiapicture patronizing trooping here in just second and then we're also going to focus on what they filaments which have bundles of mice and fibers and what are called might say said this figure which is also in your book gives us came really close up view of disarm here here's the stars relentless illness which are also known as my accident and oh great then elements which are also denies acting set the first thing refuses to take a little piece of this intimate or acting in good way dot that’s what this is sit here excuse me here we can see can settlements field actually doesn't look like a red-light all the people who are not we can see that it actually looks like too stringent hurdles twisted casita two strands of pearls twisted passage twisted her like pattern is very important because we can pick out hard to you critical prisons the first one in what appears to be agree rather that sort of twists around sty strand of pearls.

build your muscle WITH US 45

Flexner it went right back here to see it feels like heat recipe track so II India decade it's also a good kick back you ‘relooking back isn't the best shows because the I don't know the single you could forcemeat long second anything difference between normally Idol this is when I do this automatically I feel it up to about right here when I come by here go all the way up all is in fact that we get back up the biggest part right at that moment mafia exactly the same idea by seven almost perfect divisiveness here know the prices here yeah so how do we do that you know that’s and movies on the dues get as much as fully contracted that's a huge component in getting bringing we can fight for so Hampshire say many people I don’t know mansions because you never give short you think you can teach you manners so we can it's so if we can go ahead and all the link then follow the contract of all the shortened your muscles althea way through this is really just be on for a demotion because nobody people before age motions for example that ok with it on the Rose yeah up now that's what I think about what I thought was revenues but most people don't know if it's not complicated it's really simple just got a notice yeah rights with every muscle group there’s a certain range.


I'm not21 day fast mass building work go and we're really reeling the biceps there’s anything Lee done better to prepare police sleep light refined style my stop next Monday at 7 a.m. Easter kill and how your lifestyle is more but factor values book package a guys live in Jacks for abnormal lifestyles we got our allies click Subscribe so you don't miss single episode don't forget to show some love and clicked the like & Share button. the Marin the new there and ladies and gentleman boys and girls and my fourteen Asian bent because he coming back as you have another session love Q&A won't question sir of myfacebook I so this one a particular I even though wasn't next in line because it’s from for my most loyal I first Remix members and the 10 most bring contributors tour forums his name's Erin thorn air thanks for all your amazing contributions and your brilliant insights us so I may ask this question although you probably already know the answer I were the top five additional pieces thing and avoid all day for a question very quick question I'm for my opinion optimizing protein synthesis obviously and is number one so making sure you're taking in substantial massive ultimately lose seen but essentially protein amino acids every 2-3 hours make sure you vice consul is emphasizing protein you never too long in the state of cannibalism.


New Bethel hold a pre at site and these guys are very small are we develop our fat cells in the warm and weak you developing them to about the aged 18 and we have about 20to 30 billion small new fat cells I felt like a law I figure highway ever have a chance by$13 billion Beth El small the real problem ways and when their small at BET you were 21 it's not possible coming in doll traders new best self pooh-poohing goals that cell that's not what happened there haste be something in the body but traders the New Bethel to the adult fell any adult SL isn't Bay much bigger so the new thought small dole fell bigger as soon as we start developing a doll Beth Ell’s me yet why there because of bad dollar in the tissue small not a problem bigger just me said wall I thought a lot about a little bit so it is good job is to find a house that sell so it goes to the new Beth El and is OK new show no it is time for you to mature I need to store that sell this store that is call that sell that bad cell all the time.


I reach 5 one drifting towards wakefulness to Mar an Mar 3 becoming aware of your surroundings for almost there 5 wake up feel good and helping. I has some cool animations to show you so you can see exactly what's going on when you use my biochemical system okay so the first thing you gottaunderstand is how your penis grew during puberty with purity base growth this is the heart my biochemical system and is the reason why it works we're not going to lie and some dodgy pseudo-science to make you grow I've tried that you may have tried that too and we both know that it fails every time instead all we want to do is to restart the grill that happened during puberty this is the way that your body naturally made your penis bigger to begin with this isn't something that has worked anew times for a few guys this is something.

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